Who we are

Night Island is a technical software consultancy. We love technology and help companies of any size to design, develop and deliver end-to-end solutions for Web and Mobile.
Bringing value
We understand our customer's aspirations and goals so we can most effectively help achieve them.
We work comfortably across all business areas and at all levels.
We are experienced problem solvers who are very easy to get along with.
Our philosophy
We believe that "quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort".
We believe that you deserve "solutions, not problems".
We do whatever it takes to solve your problems.

Founded by Ian Wellock and Dr. Rupesh Srivastava in 2000, we continue to provide consultancy and technical services across multiple industries.
What we do
We are experienced troubleshooters who help businesses in various ways:
Implement content and data services for Web & Mobile
Help you to define your technical strategy or solution
Prototype your ideas before you commit more resources
Provide technical advice to help realise your idea
Independent technical analysis of your existing solution
Troubleshoot technical projects
Undertake cutting edge projects requiring intelligent, reliable programmers
Improve processes and communication within your business
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